Stewardship: privative property management - patrimonial management

What if management is a passion?

Owning properties may entail numerous problems. With over 20 years of experience by Syncura, a sister company in Group Vande Moortel, which is responsible for managing the common parts of residential buildings, Rencura can also respond perfectly to the difficult points of stewardship. Thanks to this long experience Rencura can present itself as a professional property manager to investors.

The importance of a sustainable return

The aim of Rencura is the sustainable management of your property. We strive to achieve an optimal return without forgetting the necessary long-term investments. This leads at all times to the best value of your property. Professional advice when buying, appropriate strategies and a long-term tailored plan will make this possible.

What makes Rencura unique compared to other Stewards on the real estate market?

Rencura is a steward that is exclusively focused on managing real estate investments. An integrated ERP package, which was developed specifically for managing privative property, ensures that Rencura can anticipate future vacancy. Close cooperation between our property specialists and our rental service makes it possible to greatly reduce vacancy rates, which improves the efficiency of the property.
Through our online portal you always get as an investor the most accurate information on your investment property. So you can follow everything at first hand. Also, as a tenant you can always visit the portal to track the status of repairs and you can consult the lease contract or the descriptive document about the hired place at all times.

Accurate report
Rencura always creates an accurate report with the current contact details of tenants, EPC reports, plans and the basic act of the building (if co-ownership) for each property. A fixed property manager will periodically visit the building, deal with possible complaints and ensure proper implementation of the rental contract.

Legal assistance
The internal legal division within Rencura follows recent changes in the legislation or jurisdiction relating to rental contracts. In disputes Rencura acts as a professional partner who takes over the duties of the owner.


Rencura your spokesman
The steward stands in as a representative of the owner. Tenants can directly contact their property manager. Repairing a defect occurs after a market survey for the appropriate specialist. We choose the supplier that can offer a sustainable solution for the right price.

Follow up the rent
The steward ensures a flawless follow-up of the lease payments and all other amounts due and deposits them periodically to the owner. Subject to the owner’s agreement and mentioned in the contract, we also ensure an annual rent indexation.


Increasing return
Part of the group Vande Moortel, Rencura can offer the owners and tenants contracts being part of the organisation, which ensures a strong decrease in costs (such as maintenance of elevators, energy suppliers, ...). This results in an increasing return.

Rental, sales and stewardship
Rencura is responsible for the rental, sales and management of your investment property. These three services together provide the most efficient management of your assets. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way to offer you an overall approach to ensure a quick rental or sale of your property.


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